About Us

“Family Fun Travel’ was created for two reasons. First, motivated by love for Greece, our country, and our strong belief that has much more to offer than the obvious “sun and sea” and second, by our need to plan our very precious vacations according to our preferences, but also ensure the entertainment of our children so they would not be bored.

“Family Fun Travel’ team aims to create unique experiences during your holidays. It is our passion to plan and develop your special and unique dream holiday, according to your interests and preferences that will include and require the participation of your children. All the trips we have created are compiled according to your wishes, budget and time restraints.

 Marily, the founder of the company, studied hospitality management in Greece, Switzerland and UK and is involved in tourism for the past 20 years. Also has a passion for tradition and gastronomy and is more than willing to show to you all she has discovered.

Moreover, as a mother of two, every year she faces the problem of children getting bored of just following parents and we all know how children want to be kept busy all the time.

Our team includes travel and gastronomy experts and is collaborating with local guides, animators and experts that will transform your holidays into an unforgettable experience.

So before planning your holidays for next year, take a look at our site and our proposals!