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Are you feeling overwhelmed about planning your holidays in Greece ? Where to go? Where to stay? What is the best way to spend your precious time?

You want to visit places and attend special events that you’d never experience on your own? To get to know local life with people in Greece, through exploring, eating, drinking, laughing together with your own family, so you feel part of their lives?.

You are in the right place.



Standing still in time, Tinos is a treasure cycladic island to explore, comprising unique nature and architectural masterpieces, hideaway beaches, local festivals and delights. Horse riding, diving, surfing, trekking activities are offered under professional management. Touring the island, will reveal secrets of centuries hidden under the Aegean breeze. Take a step, dive into adventure! Check with our staff availability of programs and tips on how to make your vacation an unforgettable remembrance.
The sapphire waters of the Ionian Sea welcome you to paradise. Kefalonia, is the biggest of the seven islands where the green of its mountains blend with the blue of the waters making it a unique and beloved destination. Whatever your interests are you will find them here. Breathtaking beaches and crystal peacock-blue waters. Mountains covered with pine, cypress and olive trees, but also underwater groves, hiking trails and scenic routes. Being for centuries under Venetian rule, like all Ionian islands, developed a different way of life than the rest of Greece. You can see that in its history and tradition, you can hear it in its music (kantades), you can taste it in its wine (robola).
Only half hour from Athens, Aegina is a surprisingly unspoilt escape. Once the capital city of Greece, now a port town with a 19th-century atmosphere. Walk in the narrow, paved streets and see the traditional houses, churches with blue domes and shops with folk art. Take a ride on the horse-carriages, discover the Temple of Aphaia, one of Greece’s most memorable sanctuaries swim all year round, taste fish specialties in picturesque local taverns and don't forget to buy the famous Aegina pistachios.
One of the oldest cities of ancient times famous for its fleet with which won many battles, but also an ideal starting point for discovering the beauties of the island of Evia. Only an hour and half from Athens offers nice beaches, picturesque villages and glorious history. Walk around and discover the ancient city, let your kids learn about heroic times through interactive games, visit the “dragon houses”, taste special products and of course lay under the hot sun and the blue waters of its beaches.
Northern Greece offers its visitors a completely different environment from the one we use to describe Greece, but equally charming. A collection of diverse landscapes is composing a dream setting full of history and tradition. Mountains and forests, rivers and lakes but also heavenly beaches invite you to explore them. You will be fascinated from images, aromas and surprises. A mosaic of destinations provides an endless range of experiences. Choose one and we will be there to accompany you and help you decode all the well-kept secrets!
Situated in North Aegean Sea, Chios is considered an ideal destination for family vacations, given the fact that apart from its magnificent beaches, the luscious nature and the unique flavors, invites all age groups to take a stroll in its traditional alleys, to admire the medieval settlements, to go off for a bike ride through the “one of a kind” Kambos, taste its famous mastic and most of all, to live for a little while in a different, more carefree and rejuvenating rhythm of life.

Why choose us

Because we are locals, experienced and at the same time passionate with our country. 
We want to share our well hidden secrets with you. 
You are going to discover all Greece has to offer according your interests, meet new friends and have a great time! 
If you feel unsafe of booking everything online without actually talking to anyone, we are always happy to speak to you, without any obligation, and form your program exactly as it suits you.



Our Programs

We imagine that you are fascinated with the idea of exploring the unparalleled beauty of Greece with your children, spending time together or enjoying some time apart.
You don't believe it's true ? You find it difficult to happen?


Dust off that back pack, dig out your walking shoes and listen to tales of parents who have actually travelled with children in Greece with us and lived to tell the tale!

We have to offer you a variety of programs to suit all tastes and preferences both yours and your children

Have fun with you kids
Very close to Athens, Eretria will unveil its ancient secrets!
The emerald waters and the unspoiled beauty of Kefalonia are waiting for you!
Walk at the footsteps of ancient Greeks connecting sacred places of the past and at the same time enjoy the Athens riviera and a most picturesque island.

About Us

Family Fun Travel
“Family Fun Travel’ was created for two reasons. First, motivated by love for Greece, our country, and our strong belief that has much more to offer than the obvious “sun and sea” and second, by our need to plan our very precious vacations according to our preferences, but also ensure the entertainment of our children so they would not be bored. “Family Fun Travel’ team aims to create unique experiences during your holidays. It is our passion to plan and develop your special and unique dream holiday, according to your interests and preferences that will include and require the participation of your children. All the trips we have created are compiled according to your wishes, budget and time restraints.