The Holy Triangle of the antiquity

Holly Triangle

Day 1

Arrival to Athens

Day 2

City tour. Walk at the old city.

Visit Parthenon. Guided tour.

Lunch at a traditional taverna

Cooking workshop for kids

Day 3

Visit the archaeological museum

Visit Akropolis museum

Interactive game for kids


Visit Niarchos Cultural Center

Kayak at the canal

Music playground

Aromatic plants and herbal remedies of Greece


Day 4

Trip to Sounion

Visit the temple of Poseidon

Swim at nearby bay

Lunch at a fish taverna

Day 5

Arrival to Aegina island by boat

Tour of the town

Pottery workshop by a local artist

Day 6

Visit Aphaea temple, museum.

Apollo Temple. Swim

Optional visit of holy temples

Learn about pistachio cultivation on the spot

Visit local shop and follow the process of producing pistachio products.

Cooking lesson with local products

Day 7

Return to Athens